Wednesday, May 7, 2014


Have They Lost Their Damn Minds?

No they haven't, but a large number of single women certainly have; by making men too damn important! To the point that they bend over backwards to please them.  

It's really a crying shame how some women have become the pursuers of men, rather than men being the pursuers as it used to be back in the day.  

The media has depicted women as sexual objects, and some women actually believe that sex is all they are worth to men.  Thus, they are serving up their 'cookies' on silver platters in an attempt to win the love and affection of a man.  Subsequently, sex with most single women is so easy breezy, men have developed a since of entitlement when it comes to sex with the women they meet.

Disgusting?  Absolutely, but oh so true!  I received a call yesterday from a reader who said that she went on a job interview, only to be texted later that day by the owner who interviewed her with an offer to have sex, rather than a job offer.

This very attractive lady has very high self-esteem and self-confidence.  Needless to say, she was so incensed by not only his offer for sex, but his cockiness and sense of entitlement to her  body, that she cursed him up one side and down the other. Promising to file sexual harrassment charges against him, if he ever contacted her again for any reason.

When I spoke with her, she was seething with disbelief that this man had such little respect for women, and viewed himself as all that, which he wasn't, that he could so confidently propose sex to her, and on a job interview no less.

Ladies, you don't owe men anything, not your time, attention or affection.  For those men who think that you do, don't waste your valuable time with, as he is not worth anything  you have to offer - particularly your time and body.

A man can feel as entitled as he wanna, but he get's absolutely nothing unless you voluntarily give it to  him!  Realize your worth and cease all of this man-pleasin BS.  You are the prize and don't ever forget it!

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