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As you all know, I have been very distraught over how over-sexualized women have become in our society, the gross disrespect from men, as well as the disrespect that women are exhibiting for themselves.  

Subsequently, several years ago, I started to explore various solutions to rectify the problems of women being hurt as a result of being rejected, and/or used and then discarded as a result of their own stupidd dating practices with men.  Therefore, I tried to find a solution that would make it easier on women, because a lot of women become weak and irrational once they meet men they like and start to date.  

Ultimately, I got the bright idea to start instructing women not to date but to form platonic friendships with men they meet.  I was thinking this would keep their minds off of coupling as well as the mindset that sex leads to serious relationships.  I believed it was the perfect solution for finally getting both parties off of ‘when are we going to have sex,’ and on to really getting to know one another prior to entering into romantic relationships. I tested this theory out on some female volunteers with very disappointing results.  

The tests revealed that women who have difficulty maintaining a level head in dating relationships, also can’t restrain themselves in friendship situations with men as well.  In the end, I was jolted back to reality and eagerly back to recommending and encouraging the use of tried and trusted old school romance rules.  Rules that have a proven track record for getting women the good husbands' they want and deserve, IF they abide by these rules.

There is just no getting around it ladies, there is no easy way out when it comes to finding and attaining true love.  I tried to find an easier route for you, but it came right back to self-discipline and forcing men to respect and chase you, and thereby, winning the privilege of becoming a candidate to win your affections and become your boyfriend.   At the end of the day, until a woman becomes sick and tired of being used, abused, hurt, and kicked to the curb, she will never be willing to keep sexual intimacy on the back burner until a man has developed genuine affection for her through good old fashion courtship.  

Until a woman adapts and adheres to the mindset that sex must be withheld while you allow a man to court you – thereby getting to know you, you him, and developing genuine feelings for each other, there really is no help for you.   Until this happens, I can’t help you and neither can anyone else, as you are just not willing to listen to voices of reason.  It has most certainly been a bitter pill for me to swallow – but I have learned once and for all that I can’t help anyone if they are not open and willing to change their dysfunctional behavior with men!

There are no shortcuts to getting a man into a relationship, it takes time.  Sex is never a substitute for strong emotional bonds between a man and a woman.  Therefore ladies, until a man forms an emotional bond with you prior to sex, when the thrill of ‘new’ you-know-what wears off, so will his interest.  I’m sorry, but that’s just the way it is. In a nutshell, tried and trusted old school romance rules are the only way to go in order to win the heart and last name of a ‘GREAT GUY’.    

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Anonymous said...

I don't know what it is today but women (especially young women) just will not listen to this sound old school advice on sex and relationships. They hear the opposite advice from men they take advice from (who have agendas) and to be honest, they see the old school women getting left in the dust ("hoes be winnin'). There are virtually NO old school roles being portrayed by the media. Most of my friends do not know ANYONE who followed old school romance rules. Women either don't know or don't care how men think in order to use that knowledge to their advantage. Maybe we should go back to the days of chaperoning.

Ms Edna, have you seen this blog?:

Ms. Edna said...

@Anonymous....No I am not familiar with this blog, but I will check it out. Thanks for the referral.