Tuesday, May 6, 2014

Do You View Getting All Glammed Up A Chore?

"If So, Check Yourself 
Before You Wreck Yourself"

For those of you who take pleasure in grooming yourself to look your absolute, fabulous best whenever you leave home. 

CONGRATULATIONS, you are one of the 'head turners' of our society.  That charismatic, attractive female that we all want to be, that some of  you love to hate because you are too lazy to put forth the effort in  your look as she does.  You would rather hate on her, rather than  admire, appreciate, and be motivated to join the ranks of these drop-dead gorgeous, well-groomed women.

Today's post is for you lazy haters.  Hopefully, I can motivate you to go forth and do better about yourself.  Why?  Because when we look good, we feel good about ourselves and become more self-assured, and self-confident women; a woman who views herself as worthy of the highest respect/regard, and the best of everything - including a man!!!

Let' start with makeup, it is truly a girl's best friend, as it enhances the beauty of all of us.  When applied properly, makeup makes all of us look and feel more beautiful.

Just take a look at Beyonce, who is deemed one of the most beautiful women on our planet.  However, not so much without makeup.  She is by no means ugly in the picture without makeup, but certainly not the glammed up head turner she is when fully made up.  It's a difference between night and day!  So why are you not taking full advantage of these wonderful beautifying tools we call makeup, so you too can look and feel drop-dead gorgeous? http://www.hairstylesmakeup.com/celebrities-makeup-before-after/
Nobody said it would be easy, but when every man in the room turns to stare at how amazing you look, you'll know that the effort was well worth it!  However, turning the heads of men is just a by-product of looking good and feeling good.  Looking good and feeling good is all about YOU, building your self-confidence and love of self.  
Consequently, you will stop settling for mediocre men and become a sought after, hot commodity by the 'cream of the crop'.  Now if that thought alone isn't worth the effort, I don't know what is! Click this link and get started working on YOU today. Then you can stop hatin on 'head turners' and become one of them! http://www.wikihow.com/Look-Drop-Dead-Gorgeous

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Anonymous said...

Great article Ms. E.

Helen K. said...

I'm not bragging - just sayin! But I have ill-kept, overweight women hatin on me all of the time, and I didn't do anything but show up in their presence. I used to take it personal until I upped my own self-confidence. Now I realize it is just as you said their own insecurities, jealously and laziness.

I loved this article too, I hope the haters read it!

Anonymous said...

A wise friend once told me : " Don't complain about what you have to do to look feminine".
Well said, miss Edna !

Anonymous said...

I like being dolled up, especially when I am ill. It's like putting an armour on.
There is so many competition out there (younger women, other women) so why would I want to be seen in a less favourable light.
I can not do it on a daily basis (child duties) but I try to do it every time I go out.

Being dolled up also means that interactions with men are easier.