Monday, November 18, 2013

Best Man Holiday

The Cast of  "Best Man Holiday"
Dragged myself off of my sick bed and crippled off to see "Best Man Holiday"  on Saturday and it was well worth the effort.  How refreshing to see a black movie that wasn't produced by my idol, Tyler Perry that depicts blacks in a positive and uplifting light.

The men were revealed as loving husbands and fathers, a far cry from Hollywood's usual portrayal of black men as thugs, deadbeat dads and horrible mates.  You would have thought they learned from the success of the Huxtables.  But thank GOD for black producers who are now following Tyler's lead and producing our own movies, portraying the majority of blacks rather than the minority.  I love it!!!

Once again, we showed Hollywood that we show up in droves to see movies that portray us in a positive light, not related to slavery, and not produced by Tyler, evidenced by "Best Man Holidays" box office success this weekend.  If you haven't seen it - go see it!

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Genea said...

Great post Ms. Edna. Hope that you feel better soon!

Ms. Edna said...

@ Genea...Thank you!