Wednesday, April 20, 2011


"You Bet Your Life"  

This Georgia woman was missing for approximately a week, while her husband (pictured) pleaded for her return on TV and authorities searched for her.

As it turned out, the husband, Abed Suleiman returned home early from a hunting trip, found their five (5) children home alone (ages 6-12).  He texted his wife and asked her where she was.  Not knowing he had returned home, she lied and said she was at home sleeping when she was actually out shopping.  He became so outraged that she lied to him; he threatened to kill her via a text message. 

Consequently, she became so afraid she slept in her SUV in a parking lot then reached out to a friend the next day who called the police and she was taken to a shelter for abused women where she remained for 6 days.  When the shelter realized who she was, she was released to the police - who in turn released her to her husband.  The police then released a statement that this was a domestic matter and the case was closed.

Mrs. Suleiman has not made a statement.   However, her husband, Abed Suleiman has.  He says that in his culture or religion, lying to one's spouse is a serious offense, and he became so outraged that she lied to him; he did in fact send her a text message that he was going to kill her.  Then jokingly said it was just a figure of speech and a poor choice of words that he didn't really mean.  Hello? Normal people don't threaten another person's life in an argument - no matter how heated, and loving husbands don't threaten their wives life under any circumstances.

Now this is where I have a huge problem with the police; why is he not being charged with threatening her life?  The police in all states are mostly male, and they tend to take domestic abuse very mildly, I have seen it happen time and time again - until one or the other commits murder.  The fact that she was so scared she refused to return home and opted instead to go to a shelter, is a huge red flag, that this woman is being physically abused. 

Even if Mrs. Suleman is not being physically abused, which I seriously doubt, she is definitely being verbally abused by his own admission. This man obviously has unchecked anger management issues that literally scares the hell out of his wife and kid's.  Unfortunately, this young woman doesn't as yet have the support or strength to remove herself from this volatile situation.  Let's pray for her safety and his healing before someone really does get hurt!!!


Anonymous said...

Well, having spent a considerable amount of time in the Middle East, I can say that this man may have threatened her in a benign manner. However, it is not unheard of for a man to kill his wife in order to protect his and the family's "honor". We all say things in a fit of rage that we do not believe.

It's hard to judge with this situation as there is not a history of domestic violence (at least from Ms. Edna's summary) and they are Arab/Muslim. If she was fearful enough to sleep in her car and go to a shelter, then there is probably some legitimacy to his threats. SMH.

SMH said...

If a man threatens you - do not pass go, do not collect 200 dollars go! Believe him and take all necessary action to remove yourself from the situation. If you can difuse it for the moment and get him away from you long enough to get out - make like a tree and leave!

A sociopath and psychopath will very calmly and quietly utter threats with a smile so, like they were saying please pass the sugar. His tone does not matter the words do - regardless of culture - so go and do not look back. Respect is an action verb and what he does matter and the act of uttering those words is action enough. Pay attention to what he does!


Ms. Edna said...

Thanks ladies for your comments, very valid points.