Wednesday, January 21, 2009


But next week she will be on stage somewhere scantily dressed, bumping, grinding, and rolling around on the floor like a 'slut puppy'. As I have said many, many, times before I am so over these female entertainers who are warping the minds of young girls with their overly sexual entertainment antics, and Beyonce has always led the pack. She can give the best of strippers a run for their money. I wish she would reserve that for Jay-Z and not public display, as she is so talented, and it is so not necessary for her success.
Beyonce can be so lady like when she wants to be, and when she is, she makes us all so proud of her and proud to be black women. I was so proud of the way she conducted herself when she performed for the President and First Lady last night and on the Plaza in NY a few weeks back. Then there is the raunchy Beyonce, the one that embarrasses and degrades us, and corrupts the minds of young girls.
I hope she soon recognizes that we love her and she doesn't have to degrade herself or women to sell records and sell out her concerts. It's time for all of us to hold ourselves to higher standards, and give our youth who are our future some positive things to emulate.
Our new President and First Lady are class acts as well as positive role models and they have made us proud. Let's take our President's challenge and make a change for the betterment of our society.
I have a love-hate thing going with Beyonce. On one hand I admire her and on the other hand I loathe her. She is absolutely gorgeous, a good singer, a great dancer and entertainer. Not only that, her work ethic is commendable to say the least. But, her stripper costumes and stripper like performances on stage and in her videos are extremely vulgar and degrading to women. Her video "Single Ladies" is typical of her vulgarity. Check it out!


barbara said...

Beyonce is such a beautiful girl and displays a very sweet image in interviews. I attribute this to people and the media cutting her a lot of slack for her vulgarity.

Diana Ross tried to counsel Beyonce and others about this several years back at an Awards show. But of course, it obviously fell upon deaf ears.

Anonymous said...

I can assure you that Sasha and Melia are not allowed to watch her videos.

Pllera said...

Young women today no matter if they are famous entertainers or not, should realize that all women have 'whore' talents and skills.

However, if you are a Lady, this behavior is reserved for HUSBAND'S ONLY in private places.

Ms. Edna said...

Mind you ladies - she said husbands not boyfriends. This is an area where so many single women go wrong - you give boyfriends way too much of yourself.

Reserve some mystery while giving a hint of what's to come "If He Puts A Ring On It".

Anonymous said...

Me too Ms. Edna. But mines is more loathing than love. Why does she feel she has to float that big butt all the time in the Fuck me pumps, she does have a wide do I but its for the bedroom with my HUBBY and he gets it all. She has an alter ego, Sasha Fierce, what a joke. If she has to go onstage with an alter ego, because physologocially and spritually she knows its degrading and shameful and all she is thinking about is the bottom line and not what young mind she is corrupting. She has to take on another personality to do those raunchy things on stage. My props go out to the new Diva, Jennifer Hudson, she can sing and act and she is not flaunting he big behind and yes she definelty has a big butt, she is fluffy and thats ok. But I would let my daughter watch er videos.