Friday, February 15, 2008


Nick Lachey when asked his plans for Vanessa on Valentine’s Day:
"It’s a huge surprise right now. I am hoping she surprises me too! We’ll see what happens."
My e-mail box was flooded last night with many of you asking me how to handle boyfriend's who forgot about you on Valentine’s Day.
This is a tough one to call, as there are many reasons why men don’t acknowledge you on Valentines Day. He could be rebelling, had a change of heart, not that in to you, trying to tell you something, angry about something, any number of reasons, or just plain and simply unromantic. But one thing is for certain, he didn’t forget! There is absolutely no way a guy can forget about Valentine's Day, because it's everywhere.
Please don't fall into that horrible female time waster of trying to figure out why a man does something. The bottom line, it’s not a good sign whatever his reason if it disturbed you, and a pretty good indication that he is probably not the right man for you. Plenty of men go out of their way to be romantic all year around, but especially on Valentine’s Day. Therefore, you might want to re-evaluate him, the relationship and where it’s headed and decide that you need someone more romantic and look for a more compatible mate.
This is one of those gray areas that we as women shove under the carpet or totally dismiss, citing that it is too trivial a matter to end a relationship; when in essence it is not trivial and extremely important to you. Compatibility is crucial to a relationship. As I shared with you all sometime ago, I love living high on the hog, but I married men who didn't, twice. Trivial maybe - but it's who I am and this incompatibility contributed to my extreme unhappiness in both marriages, and their feelings of inadequacy and inability to please me.
Keep in mind that millions of women were neglected on Valentine's Day, and it didn't phase many of them or cause them any distress what-so-ever. They could care less. There were no arguments or no grudges harbored between them and their men yesterday. They are both happy as larks this morning.
However, for those of you who were deeply disturbed by it, that's a horse of a different color. You are still pissed off, feeling unloved, and one of many who wrote me last night. It matters to you, you are a romantic - you need to be loved romantically and when you are with an unromantic guy, this is where the problem comes in. So rather than make yourself and him miserable after discovering this blaring incompatibility, why not cut your losses and go get you one of those romantic guys, as they are just as plentiful as unromantic ones.
Again, I can't stress it enough. Know who you are as a woman and as a person, what you need and must have in a man; and hold out for him! This is the only way that you can marry and stay married for a lifetime to a 'lifetime man'! Compatibility is key.


Anonymous said...

For all of you women out there whose boyfriend didn't think you were special enough to fawn over on Valentine's Day, you need to kick him to the curb and find someone else who does.

Anonymous said...

Damn good advice Ms. Edna, we are so lucky to have you!!!!

Anonymous said...

Ms. Edna I am one of those women who doesn't need to be loved romantically. Thanks for pointing out that it's OK!

Anonymous said...

I have been married to a wonderful man for 15 years who doesn't have a romantic bone in his body and neither do I, which makes us extremely compatible.

Compatibility is a must have in any and all intimate relationships. When you are not compatible, there is always trouble on the horizon.

Kristine.Holly said...

Yesterday morning I woke up and boyfriend said happy Valentine's day. Immediately he asked me what I got him. As all of my money went towards rent I didn't have anything to give. He made me feel bad by saying he got me a lot of presents and called me a bad gift giver. In reality he didn't get me anything either. He spent all day playing videogames and talking to his friends. Then insisted I go get him tacos.